Slow Food Chef Alliance

Slow Food UK works to raise strategic awareness about sustainability and social justice issues surrounding food & farming in Britain. Slow Food UK is a membership organization that provides administrative support to local groups throughout the country and these regional groups are led by Slow Food members, who take significant grassroots action in their local communities.

Besides running national education programmes, such as Slow Food KidsSlow Food on Campus, and Slow Food Baby, Slow Food UK National Office fights to preserve British culinary heritage through the Chef Alliance and Forgotten Foods programmes (UK Ark of Taste). The Chef Alliance is a network of chefs committed to protecting Britain's edible biodiversity by cooking with Forgotten Foods, or foods that are produced on a very small scale and are being lost due to commercial varieties overtaking the market. The Forgotten Foods programme is part of the Slow Food International Ark of Taste. In 2013 the Chef Alliance had over 90 members, and over 60 Forgotten Foods.

I was delighted to recently be invited to work with this fantastic organisation to promote our country's rare & forgotten foods as a member of the Chef Alliance.